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  • Leptin References

    Cardiometabolic risk markers of normal weight and excess body weight in Brazilian adolescents.

    After adjustment for confounders, the estimates did not change substantially, except for leptin for which the risk associated with overweight increased to 11.09 (95% CI: 4.05-30.35).

    Authors and Abstract

    Association between serum leptin concentrations and insulin resistance: a population-based study from China
    Zuo H1, Shi Z, Yuan B, Dai Y, Wu G, Hussain A.
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    Serum leptin levels and anthropometric correlates in Ache Amerindians of eastern Paraguay
    Bribiescas RG.
    Reproductive Ecology Laboratory, Department of Anthropology, Yale University
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    Ethnic variation in adiponectin and leptin levels and their association with adiposity and insulin resistance
    Mente A, Razak F, Blankenberg S, Vuksan V et al
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    Impact of sleep debt on physiological rhythms
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    Centre d’Etude des Rythmes Biologiques, Laboratoire de Physiologie, Université Libre de Bruxelles
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    Fish-rich diet, leptin, and body mass
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    University of Padova, Padova, Italy.
    Circulation. 2002 Jul 16;106(3):289-91.

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