Fructose: A Bittersweet Sugar


The Bottom Line:

  • Don’t get deceived by the fact that just because fructose is natural it is ok to have as much as you want.
  • Most of us consume far too much fructose (in the form of refined sugar).
  • Fructose consumed as part of a whole fruit is not bad for you.

Key Points:

  • Fructose in excess is worse than excess glucose.
  • Eating fructose doesn’t make you feel full and might even make you feel hungrier.
  • Excessive consumption of fructose is associated with diabetes and obesity.
  • Eating fructose increases the triglycerides in your blood – (a type of fat which is more closely correlated with having a heart attack than cholesterol is).

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Meat isn’t what it used to be

cows grazing in a fresh green field

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Does calorie restriction increase life span in humans?

Broccoli on a plate
“Let food be your medicine and let medicine be your food.” Hippocrates

The Bottom Line

What is calorie restriction?

  • It is a dietary regime that involves restricting calories whilst still getting adequate nutrients (in the hope that it increases lifespan).

Where are we at with calorie restriction studies?

  • Studies on other species (flies, worms, fish and rodents) have shown that calorie restriction extends lifespan and slows down ageing, although studies on humans and nonhuman primates have produced mixed results.
  • There is currently no straightforward answer to the question of whether calorie restriction in humans extends lifespan because there haven’t been any formal studies on humans.
  • The effects of ‘Calorie Restriction’ in primates are complex and seem to depend on environmental, nutritional, and genetic factors.
  • There is a group of people who belong to the Caloric Restriction Society and who restrict their food intake in the belief that it will protect them against some of the disease processes which are responsible for ageing.
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Fasting and the 5:2 diet


The 5:2 Diet

The 5:2 diet is all the rage in the UK, but is it any good?
An unqualified yes on my part.

How do I know?
I’ve read hundreds of studies on fasting; I personally have been doing the so-called 5:2 diet for the last 40 years, and fasting has been practised by many cultures for millennia.

But just because I have been fasting and it is an ancient religious tradition doesn’t necessarily mean it is a good thing.
What is important is that research into fasting in recent years backs up the age-old idea that fasting is beneficial on many different levels.

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