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  • ‘Are we sitting on a time bomb’ References

    tme-bomb 3

    Stand up for health—avoiding sedentary behaviour might lengthen your telomeres: secondary outcomes from a physical activity RCT in older people
    Per Sjögren1, Rachel Fisher2, Lena Kallings3, Ulrika Svenson4, Göran Roos4, Mai-Lis Hellénius5
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    A 2-Wk Reduction of Ambulatory Activity Attenuates Peripheral Insulin Sensitivity
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    Suppression of skeletal muscle lipoprotein lipase activity during physical inactivity: a molecular reason to maintain daily low-intensity activity.
    Bey L, Hamilton MT
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    Effects of 1 day of inactivity on insulin action in healthy men and women: interaction with energy intake.
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    Coronary heart-disease and physical activity of work.
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    Physique of London busmen: epidemiology of uniforms
    Heady JA, Morris JN, Raffle PA.
    Lancet. 1956; 271: 569–570

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