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  • Vampire Therapy


    Scientists at Harvard University have recently reported that blood from young mice can rejuvenate ageing mice. Blood transfusions not only reversed the memory impairment that seems to inevitably appear with age, but also improved the learning abilities of ageing mice.

    The mysterious ‘youth substance’ in young blood was found to be a protein called GDF11.

    Injecting older mice with pure GDF11 confirmed the extraordinary neurological findings and also produced an increase in muscular strength and exercise capacity.

    Interest in ‘young blood’ has been around for a while, historically (in Transylvania) as well as in the research laboratories of Harvard.

    So this GDF11 isn’t the new kid on the block – research into it has been going on for at least 10 years.

    What’s new is its universal regenerative power.

    Just last year – also at Harvard – studies showed that exposing old mice to blood from young mice continuously for 4 weeks transformed the ageing hearts into sprightly young ones.

    Human trials are in the pipeline. I always wanted to be a guinea pig – sign me up please!


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